Elephant Dohar Baby Blanket

Our Story

We, Prriyam and Aditi, got to know each other when Priya delivered her baby over 20 years ago. We have seen each other through joys and hurdles, children and tantrums.

The one thing we always discussed was how to be good parents and the ways and means to give our children the best that we could. Something sustainable. Something memorable. Something with a history and a story behind it.

The lovely Charlotte joined our magical journey over a breakfast I had invited myself to, at her house, with my ingredients and her warm company.

Charlotte has seen me drag myself up mountains and moan whilst coming down them. We have rowed together and fundraised together. We have spoken of children, parenthood, children and parenthood yet again.

As for the Dohar idea, Prriyam and Aditi had always wanted to do something together, something we could be proud of.  So we took it back to basics. Back to where being a mum actually started.

The first day.

The journey of parenthood in India and everywhere else in the world, is a very special one. Let us give you a glimpse into the first month or so of a new mother, in India. Just before a baby is due, the to-be-mum goes to stay at her maternal home. This is where she will stay for a wee bit of time (we will come to why a little bit later). When the baby is due to be born, the new mum arrives at her maternal home where she is given special foods to help her lactate better and she is looked after with all the special love and care she deserves for this new journey.

The mum and baby are given daily massages by a special woman hired just for this purpose. This maalish (massage), is given to the baby for 40 days. After each session, the baby is bathed by the maalish woman and then swaddled.

Swaddling is the art of snuggly wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth, comfort and security. It can keep your baby from being disturbed by their own startle reflex, and it can help the baby stay warm and toasty for the first few days of life until the baby’s internal thermostat kicks in. It may even help to calm your baby.

We have been swaddled and we have swaddled. And every mum will know that the joy of seeing a happy, contented and relaxed baby is the best feeling in the world.

Adi Jones Nabhaasa


Coming from a gloriously large joint family, Aditi came to the UK in 2006 to study. A course which was meant to take her back to the chaotically colourful and vibrant Mumbai. A course which instead took her to jobs, further studies, marriage, a child and life in the stunning Lake District. Two Masters, 6 house moves, 1 marriage and many friends later, Aditi found her life with a baby, no family and needing all the help she could get. Cue women! Friends, neighbours, posties, aunts, relatives, midwives, dentists, anyone you can think of, who had had the benefit of experiencing children. All help was welcome. And it came in many forms.

Aditi is the co-founder and supplier of all things chocolate.



Born in Pune, India, Prriyam had a new dream every single day, from joining the police force to becoming a teacher. After graduating, she decided to pursue her passion in teaching. It did not take her long to realise that she had found her goal in life. After acquiring her educational qualifications, Prriyam started out as a teacher in 1996. The journey was a complete rollercoaster ride but eventually she was presented with the wonderful job opportunity of the post of principal in The Shiishyaa School.

In 2018-19, Prriyam and Aditi started brainstorming ideas for a new business venture. A venture that supported the causes that were close to their hearts – the sustainability of the planet and making women financially independent. This gave birth to their new venture, Nabhaasa – eco-friendly swaddlers for newborn babies.



Charlotte’s grandmother grew up in India but she has never been, despite travelling to over 45 countries and living overseas twice. She moved to the Lake District in 2010 just before the birth of her son, set up her own business in 2013 and met Adi in 2017. Charlotte fell in love with the unique look, softness, and nurturing feeling associated with the dohars the first time she saw and touched them and was delighted to team up with Aditi and Prriyam in launching the blankets to the UK market.

Charlotte helps with the digital side of the business and is a fan of all things coffee-related.